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Home Treatment Systems

Home Unit ESIL (HUE)

 Our patented ESIL technology purifies your water using electricity.  This allows for removal of contaminants and toxins while retaining the natural minerals that help to maintain your health.

The compact HUE-400 system:

  • Can be installed under your kitchen sink or in the basement for easy access
  • Is Easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • Does not waste any water  
  • Produces up to 400 gallons per day of treated water
  • Is available for order now!  

Call for more details or visit the ESIL website by clicking the image on the right for more information on the technology and products.

 Financing available.  Call for details.

Whole Home Treatment Units - Treated water from every tap!

Whole home treatment units are now available!

Installed in the basement or utility room and conveniently mounted on the wall, a whole home unit will easily provide your entire home with ESIL treated water. Depending on the model purchased, total daily capacity ranges from over 7,000 GPD up to 14,000 GPD. Units are installed with a 14 - 80 gallon pressure tank.

Please visit the ESIL site for more details on the treatment units.

Call for more information on these units.

Water Delivery:

Mineva water is available for delivery to home and office.  

Please contact our office for more details.

Self-Serve Fill Station:

Our Self-Serve UFill Station is now available at our new location  225 Sheldon Dr. Cambridge, Unit 24.

Please ensure you have thoroughly cleaned your container before arrival.

U-fill Pricing:

5 Gal - $3.00

3 Gal - $2.00

1 Gal - $1.00                 

 *The window unit does NOT give change.  Please use exact amounts with loonies, toonies, or quarters. 

Water Softeners

While we can source many different softeners for our clients, we highly recomend an energy efficient softener.  The EcoSmart Softener uses 1/3 of the salt used by other softeners and wastes 70% less water than other softeners.  The EcoSmart model 34 also contains a carbon filter, giving you the added benefit of removing chlorine from the water supplied to your entire house.   

We offer a complete line of water softening units, water conditioners, whole house carbon systems, filter, and home treatment systems.

Get the Chlorine Out! 

A whole house carbon system will remove harmful chlorine, THM's, taste and odour and start giving your family better quality water.

BPA Free

BPA Free BottlesBPA (or Bisphenol-A) is a key component in some plastics found in bottles and liners on the inside of food containers. The bonds in BPA weaken over time and the compound is prone to leaching into the liquid it contacts.

BPA acts as an environmental estrogen; once it is ingested, it can disrupt proper hormone function, alter genes, and interfere with normal physical and behavioural development.

At mineva, we are proud to provide only BPA-free containers.